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The Bartlett Summer
Show 2022

Zifeng Ye, Anxious Nostalgia, 2022

Welcome to The Bartlett Summer Show 2022, an exhibition of the stunning works created by students at The Bartlett School of Architecture. Here you will discover creative, innovative and thoughtful projects that explore what architecture is and what it could be.


Over 700 students are exhibiting projects, which explore a diverse range of themes, including sustainability, ecology, health and wellbeing, tectonics, and social and cultural regeneration. These inspiring projects are presented in the form of models, drawings, films, multimedia projects, immersive environments and digital fabrications.

This year our show takes a dual format, with work being displayed physically at our Bloomsbury home and here in our digital exhibition space. As you explore our show, in person and online, expect to see a range of visual work that will challenge what you think of as architecture and the role of the architect.

Programmes Exhibiting:

Architecture BSc (ARB/RIBA Part 1)
Programme Directors: Ana Monrabal-Cook and Luke Pearson

Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc
Programme Director: Elizabeth Dow

Engineering & Architectural Design MEng (CIBSE, ARB/RIBA Part 1)
Programme Director: Luke Olsen

Architecture MSci (ARB Part 1 & 2)
Programme Director: Sara Shafiei

Architecture MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2)
Programme Directors: Julia Backhaus, Marjan Colletti and Kostas Grigoriadis

Find out more about our range of programmes and how to apply to study with us on our website.


As you browse the work, you will see prizewinning students highlighted for their innovation, creativity and craft. Our prizes celebrate many categories, from drawing, to history and theory, technology and environmental design. Distinctions and First-Class Honours awards are also indicated.

View all the prizewinning work here.

The Bartlett Summer Show Book

You can also browse The Bartlett Summer Show 2022 book, which accompanies the show. As well as showcasing design projects, the book includes excerpts from history and theory essays and theses.

The Summer Show 2022 book


The views, information, or opinions expressed on The Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show 2022 website are solely those of the individuals involved, and do not necessarily represent those of University College London and its employees.


Director of Exhibitions

Chee-Kit Lai

Project Managers

Alex Borrell
David Shanks

Content Management

Thomas Abbs
Tom Budd
Ernest Chin
John Cruwys
Ness Lafoy
Daniel Ovalle Costal
James Robinson
Ben Sykes-Thompson
Sam Van Strien


Matthew Bowles
Michael Wagner

Director of Communications

Penelope Haralambidou

Communications Managers

Ruth Evison
Joseph McGrath

Communications and Events

Abi Luter
Gen Williams

Publications Manager

Srijana Gurung

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Special thanks to all students and their tutors for providing the show content.

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The Bartlett
Summer Show 2022
01 – 16 July 2022